LRT-1 Adventures: Pedro Gil

The sun was unusually brighter that day. It was not like I have been that observant but the light just kept on hurting my eyes each time I faced the crowd that was going against me. A bad day? Yes, it was. But I needed a new pair of shoes.

The mall. Finally. Five minutes of walking from the platform with all those people made me lose a week’s worth of energy. I went directly to the department store and secretly hoped that no saleslady would ever offer her help. But all of my hope has been left to die and a single soul was there doing some sales talk. I could manage, I thought. I grabbed an item on display and asked for my size. She told me to wait and so I did.

It wasn’t that long after the lady left that I heard some screaming and gunshots. For Pete’s sake. Gunshots. The emergency alarms went ringing and I sensed panic. As vigilant as I have always been, I took refuge behind an empty and abandoned cashier’s desk. I was searching for the nearest exit but too bad for me, one of the crooks was right there. He was holding a handgun, to my relief. It would have been a different story if he used some kind of automatic. At that time, I heard some exchange of shots between the security personnel and the criminals. I could only see 3 bad guys. One was at the exit, another was right behind some frightened customers which have become their hostages, and the other one was about 5 meters away from where I was hiding. Unknown to them, there was a guard who was taking his break and this guard just passed me and immediately shot that guy who was nearest to us. But shit happened and the other two fired back and the guard was right there, dead. I could hear police cars but the police could not make their move as there were hostages to be considered.

The next two hours were a mixture of despair and negotiations. Apparently, the gunmen wanted to have a talk with the president of the country. Yeah. Some leftists from the dreaded region in the south. I was still keeping an eye on everyone, of course. The gunmen have been guarding the hostages now, facing the window and the police. That means I was out of their line of vision.

I imagined the things that I would do. It was a bad day but I could make it a good one, if fate permits. So, I took my first steps and got the dead guard’s gun and ammo. I hid behind a shoe rack. I aimed like a pro. I should shoot them in their shoulders and legs, I thought. And everything happened in a blink of an eye. I was able to take them down. The rest of the hostages did their part afterwards. I ran outside and gave the signal to the police.

No need to thank me, I told them. I was simply living my superhero dream. But the manager of the department store insisted so they gave me that pair of shoes that I wanted.

But words spread like fire. As I stepped out of the crime scene, reporters suddenly approached me. There were video cameras, I tell you.

One of them asked, “Did you ever have proper training on guns and shooting because you hit them right where you want?”

“Does playing Counter-Strike count?” I said.



  1. My people chose me. Imagine that. Shuffling of manpower isn’t useful at all but the management wants it to be done. And I feel glad that the people here want to be part of my team. 
  2. Janvier is having the time of his life right now. Been downloading lots of movies.
  3. I want to buy Batman minifigures.

Maths and allergies

I answered the problem set of my sister and her classmates. It was just differential calculus. Glad I still remember my Math 53. I hope they would all pass the subject.

AND allergies! I was down for two weeks and the meds did not seem to work at first. So the doctor said that I might be allergic to something so I took some AH and the rest was history. I am fine now.

Social life? Null set. I am avoiding people. On purpose.

Tomorrow is my rest day (after 14 days of duty). Will be going to school to get some documents and maybe ask the unit offering that MEngg scholarship, for future reference.


From the ground she hears

the faintest cry of a pulse

It speaks of a miracle

of an answer she longs to know

She stays on the ground

She hears it once more

Does it tell of an existence

far from the norms

Will it ever reach its destination

Those she wishes to know

She waits for a fraction

feels the warmth of its approach

It is too late, she guesses

For the cry has become cold


I do not mean to make this blog very personal but I have no choice. Got so many stories to tell but no one would listen. Please bear with me for all the noise that I am going to make.

First of all, last weekend was not my ordinary weekend. I met friends from college and high school and it kinda reminded me that I have a social life. College friends and I watched a play at a theater in our university.  Title was Angry Christ and was based on the life story of a Filipino-American painter. It was a great show. I am not going to tell details about the entire production since it would make this post sort of a review and that is not my purpose. Anyway, after watching, they wanted me to buy them some liquor and that I did. I got some cash to spare so we went to their place and had a good time. My jbf was there and honestly I did not expect her to join the sleepover since she has a dormitory and her parents are strict. Anyway, we were able to talk about our lives and the lives of other people as well.

The next day, I said goodbye to my college friends because my hs friend needed me. It was her first time here in Manila and I understand how scary that is. She had to buy things so I went to her place and gave her a tour around her neighborhood. We then met with another friend who is also a kabarkada. They wanted to visit the planetarium but since I promised someone that I will only enter the place if I am with her, I brought them to the fine arts museum instead. You know, a promise is a promise. After the fine arts visit, we then had our dinner and waited for the day to end before we went back to our places in the metro.

That was my weekend. Today is Tuesday and just like Monday, I have no one to talk to. But if you consider Peppa, well, all I have is Peppa.

Code Blue

Yesterday was a bit of an emotional journey. People from the past actually talked to me. They aren’t just ordinary people. They used to be very important people, my VIPs. I celebrated my birthdays with them. And went on dates, yes, the romantic kind but I ended up hurting them because I was too selfish. But they still care. Maybe they really did like me or whatever.

It came to me that I surely made mistakes in choosing those that I should keep. And those who truly cared? Well, I let them go and things will never be the same again. Still hoping that everything that has happened is for the best.