Code Blue

Yesterday was a bit of an emotional journey. People from the past actually talked to me. They aren’t just ordinary people. They used to be very important people, my VIPs. I celebrated my birthdays with them. And went on dates, yes, the romantic kind but I ended up hurting them because I was too selfish. But they still care. Maybe they really did like me or whatever.

It came to me that I surely made mistakes in choosing those that I should keep. And those who truly cared? Well, I let them go and things will never be the same again. Still hoping that everything that has happened is for the best.

Home Court

There are a lot of things that I hate about Manila but I cannot deny that it is my city.

I was born in CdO but honestly I never got the chance to walk its streets like a local. I never got lost for I always had someone with me wherever I went. I do not even know how to commute. Sad, right? 

On the other hand, Manila is my home court. I am proud of the fact that I can navigate through the city with less difficulty. I know my train stations, streets, jeepney routes, etc. However, at first, I got a bit lost in the big city particularly in the Recto area and I ended up walking straight the avenue until I found my LRT track. But that was one sweet life event. In return, I was able to memorize the streets and I kinda decided to expand my area of responsibility thus I was able to conquer the nearby districts.

If I have to go on a date with someone in the future, I prefer to do it in my home court.

PS Forward ever, backward never — I was hoping that my Manila people would change this slogan because I always laugh whenever I read it somewhere

We Were June Babies

First day of April! There are a lot of grad pics in my feed right now. I am happy for them but I also feel sorry because the fresh grads will now face the boring world of adults. There might be existential crisis or whatever. I do hope that somehow they will land a job that can give them a bit of purpose in life.

We were June babies, my batchmates and I. But it was actually a sunny day when we graduated, both university and college graduation. I could still remember those days. I was simply glad that most of us finished all the requirements prior to the submission of the graduation candidates list. I myself almost did not make it. Just kidding. I had it all planned and the stars would never allow that.

June is our month and I am waiting for my UP friends to wear their sablay and finally claim victory. June because we are different.

Knowledge, progress, service together with honor and excellence – we can never go wrong, right?

PS My grad pic was never shown to the public. I look bad in pictures.

Life Update 3/25/2017

I have never been this free. And single.

Anyway, I recently met some of people. Should I mention their names? Well, there’s Hyae who wants me to become a lawyer for whatever purpose she could think of. Agnes, yes, I love Agnes and the book that she gave me. Of course, Rogel, the best friend who could only drink at most three bottles of beer.

Metro Manila temperature is driving me crazy — 33 deg C sure feels like hell.

And that “Hoy, Azelea Coleen Salcedo!” from a college friend that scared the shit out of me. Because nobody wants to be caught reading some smut in broad daylight.

That is all, that is all. I guess. For now.

ps im working on something and im having this urge to find someone


This is the closest

and this will do

from the depths of my core

to the unreachable that is you

i am lifeless

if not for your warmth

ah, i will cease to exist

if you must be gone

for billions of years

i am in awe

for billions of years

i am in love

with you who inspire me

with you whom i desire the most

but little can be done

great, as you will always be

and i am your lowly servant

if the void must come

and nothingness will prevail

i am thankful for a day each year

when i am nearest to you


it was as if that was the first time i saw you

with that smile of yours that could rival the heavens

those eyes which looked through my soul

and short breaths i swear i could hear in silence

as i stood trembling inches away from you

i stared at the blank space, never knowing why

first beat, second beat, third beat

my heart was beating alright

fourth beat, fifth beat, sixth beat

but something was not right

everything in the background slowly faded

you were there with me and gave a look

by then i knew it was already over

reaching for your hand and holding you with all my strength

my thirst could not take no longer

that scar on your forehead i kissed

as i felt your skin against mine

i looked at you with desire and love

i looked at you with sadness and grief

this soon should be over i guessed

for all has been a dream