I cannot wait to disappear

from the world of suffering

endless pain

and broken dreams

I cannot wait to disappear

to be welcomed by Him

for I am His child

who was born only to die

I cannot wait to disappear

into the light

in a moment

of eternity



From the ground she hears

the faintest cry of a pulse

It speaks of a miracle

of an answer she longs to know

She stays on the ground

She hears it once more

Does it tell of an existence

far from the norms

Will it ever reach its destination

Those she wishes to know

She waits for a fraction

feels the warmth of its approach

It is too late, she guesses

For the cry has become cold


This is the closest

and this will do

from the depths of my core

to the unreachable that is you

i am lifeless

if not for your warmth

ah, i will cease to exist

if you must be gone

for billions of years

i am in awe

for billions of years

i am in love

with you who inspire me

with you whom i desire the most

but little can be done

great, as you will always be

and i am your lowly servant

if the void must come

and nothingness will prevail

i am thankful for a day each year

when i am nearest to you


it was as if that was the first time i saw you

with that smile of yours that could rival the heavens

those eyes which looked through my soul

and short breaths i swear i could hear in silence

as i stood trembling inches away from you

i stared at the blank space, never knowing why

first beat, second beat, third beat

my heart was beating alright

fourth beat, fifth beat, sixth beat

but something was not right

everything in the background slowly faded

you were there with me and gave a look

by then i knew it was already over

reaching for your hand and holding you with all my strength

my thirst could not take no longer

that scar on your forehead i kissed

as i felt your skin against mine

i looked at you with desire and love

i looked at you with sadness and grief

this soon should be over i guessed

for all has been a dream



a place i can call my own

somewhere i belong

deeper than the deepest skies

louder than the loudest cries

i’ve searched the vast plains ahead

i’ve looked under the land beneath

still i haven’t found

the place  where i want to be

the clouds became my guide

the rains are my foes

together with the scorching sun

where am i to go?

i rested under the roofless sky

and sat when the wind blew

i am giving up, said i

and told the earth goodbye

as i fell asleep i heard a voice

i listened to what it said –

you are where you are, my child

it is with me that you belong

not here in this world, not now nor never

inside your heart is where i am

be patient, as long as you can be

for you are to be with me

above all things that you can see

be patient, be kind

be the beauty amidst the pain

bring back the glory that has always been mine

for now and eternity

listen to the voice inside your heart

listen to me

until that fateful day comes

live, happily

That is all

that was my all –

all that i could be, all that i could give

was not that much, but it was all that i had

i gave it to you

but it was never enough

i was never enough

all those promises i still keep

even though you are far from my reach

he has you now

and i have nothing left

for i already gave everything

to you, the love of my life

i love you still

and that is all

The Next Station

The last glimpse I had disappeared in an instant

You, on the other side of the platform


As soon as the train arrived and took you away


You never wanted to stay

But you never dared to say

Trembling was I on the edge of the side where I was

If taking a step closer to you means death, I would gladly die

But everything happened in between seconds

After the last heartbeat that was for you

That I could not move even my soul

And you left, you left me, smiling

Leaving a message engraved in the walls of my being

Scars, pain

Hurt, sadness

All at once

As I was waiting for my train

Far, far, away

Far from you

I wished for the rain