That guava tree

How could I forget?

I was a child with so many health issues. Skin diseases, asthma, and sprains – I had it all. I was born a bundagol. I could not run as fast as the other kids. I could not ride a bike. Worst, I could not climb a tree. Man, I tried so hard. But my physical strength was never enough.

Our nearest neighbors had lots of fruit trees in their garden. Santol, cacao, caimito, chico, starfruit, tisa and guava. My childhood best friends and I used to run around and play under the shade of those trees. It was always fun. Sometimes, if we were lucky enough, there would be fruits falling and hitting the ground and all we had to do was to pick them up and eat them. But one day, there was no fruit to be found. So my friends and I decided to climb up a tree instead. And because we were kids, we chose the one that was easiest to climb.

I honestly thought that it was easy. I even volunteered to go first. But there was I, struggling. I could not bring my body up that tree. I tried and tried but to no avail. Later on, about 20 minutes later and after a liter of sweat, I gave up. I told my friends that they should climb up first and I would follow them later. Of course, I never made it.

That was the first time that I learned that I could not do everything, that I have my own limits. I could not have everything that I wanted in life. But with the right people, I could still get something. I would not be left alone.

So my friends picked all the ripe ones and threw them on the ground. All I had to do was collect the fruits, run away, hide, and eat them all without any guilt.



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