I do not mean to make this blog very personal but I have no choice. Got so many stories to tell but no one would listen. Please bear with me for all the noise that I am going to make.

First of all, last weekend was not my ordinary weekend. I met friends from college and high school and it kinda reminded me that I have a social life. College friends and I watched a play at a theater in our university.  Title was Angry Christ and was based on the life story of a Filipino-American painter. It was a great show. I am not going to tell details about the entire production since it would make this post sort of a review and that is not my purpose. Anyway, after watching, they wanted me to buy them some liquor and that I did. I got some cash to spare so we went to their place and had a good time. My jbf was there and honestly I did not expect her to join the sleepover since she has a dormitory and her parents are strict. Anyway, we were able to talk about our lives and the lives of other people as well.

The next day, I said goodbye to my college friends because my hs friend needed me. It was her first time here in Manila and I understand how scary that is. She had to buy things so I went to her place and gave her a tour around her neighborhood. We then met with another friend who is also a kabarkada. They wanted to visit the planetarium but since I promised someone that I will only enter the place if I am with her, I brought them to the fine arts museum instead. You know, a promise is a promise. After the fine arts visit, we then had our dinner and waited for the day to end before we went back to our places in the metro.

That was my weekend. Today is Tuesday and just like Monday, I have no one to talk to. But if you consider Peppa, well, all I have is Peppa.


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