Hello again. I was reading some documents in my laptop and found my yearbook write up.

A Day In The Life
Coleen makes it to a point not to be late for class but seldom takes down notes. She immediately updates her phone calendar of any requirement or activity but honestly, her calendar is just full of scheduled gala during weekends and even on weekdays! She loves to see, eat, or simply walk with her friends. Coleen is honest; she does what she wants to do without hurting anyone in the process – if not, without the intention of. Her wala akong pake’s and di ko alam’s are not a manifestation of her apathy, rather of her candor and nondiscriminatory character. Underneath her easy-going and mababa ang kaligayahan personality, she looks after her friends and family. And although coming off as “the quiet girl” at first, she has a lot to tell and offer. During free time, Coleen listens to her music – the oldies as known today. She dreads sleeping late and only hardly ever does so.
Simplicity is Coleen’s trademark and for me is her biggest asset.
-Bernadette Toledo, BS MatE 2015

Hayyy zzz


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