We Were June Babies

First day of April! There are a lot of grad pics in my feed right now. I am happy for them but I also feel sorry because the fresh grads will now face the boring world of adults. There might be existential crisis or whatever. I do hope that somehow they will land a job that can give them a bit of purpose in life.

We were June babies, my batchmates and I. But it was actually a sunny day when we graduated, both university and college graduation. I could still remember those days. I was simply glad that most of us finished all the requirements prior to the submission of the graduation candidates list. I myself almost did not make it. Just kidding. I had it all planned and the stars would never allow that.

June is our month and I am waiting for my UP friends to wear their sablay and finally claim victory. June because we are different.

Knowledge, progress, service together with honor and excellence – we can never go wrong, right?

PS My grad pic was never shown to the public. I look bad in pictures.


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