it was as if that was the first time i saw you

with that smile of yours that could rival the heavens

those eyes which looked through my soul

and short breaths i swear i could hear in silence

as i stood trembling inches away from you

i stared at the blank space, never knowing why

first beat, second beat, third beat

my heart was beating alright

fourth beat, fifth beat, sixth beat

but something was not right

everything in the background slowly faded

you were there with me and gave a look

by then i knew it was already over

reaching for your hand and holding you with all my strength

my thirst could not take no longer

that scar on your forehead i kissed

as i felt your skin against mine

i looked at you with desire and love

i looked at you with sadness and grief

this soon should be over i guessed

for all has been a dream



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