a place i can call my own

somewhere i belong

deeper than the deepest skies

louder than the loudest cries

i’ve searched the vast plains ahead

i’ve looked under the land beneath

still i haven’t found

the place  where i want to be

the clouds became my guide

the rains are my foes

together with the scorching sun

where am i to go?

i rested under the roofless sky

and sat when the wind blew

i am giving up, said i

and told the earth goodbye

as i fell asleep i heard a voice

i listened to what it said –

you are where you are, my child

it is with me that you belong

not here in this world, not now nor never

inside your heart is where i am

be patient, as long as you can be

for you are to be with me

above all things that you can see

be patient, be kind

be the beauty amidst the pain

bring back the glory that has always been mine

for now and eternity

listen to the voice inside your heart

listen to me

until that fateful day comes

live, happily


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