So, where is the love?

I watched the video featuring the new version of the hit song Where Is The Love by The Black Eyed Peas and I certainly agree – we need that song again.

I first heard the song when I was a kid. I knew the lyrics but I did not quite get the message. I was just singing because it was popular and I liked the beat. That was all. But earlier today, it was just a eureka moment.

The world, indeed, has become a chaotic place. Bombings, attacks, wars, plague, hunger, poverty, among others, have been prevalent. I do not understand why people like to complicate things. Is it because of greed? Hunger for power? What for? Just what are those things for? Can’t we all realize that each of us only got one chance at life and we are supposed to help each other? But here we are, destroying everything that gets in our ways.

Yes, I know that we have different beliefs and opinions and it is impossible to have everyone agree about a certain topic. But I do believe that those disagreements can be solved in a peaceful manner.

If those people want their freedom, can’t the rich countries give it to them? If those people only want to be heard and be given their rights, can’t the government accept them? If those people only want to feed their families, can’t anyone who has billions in his pocket provide for them for the mean time? Yes, yes. What I am talking about is an ideal world. But at least we can make the world today close to ideal. Scrap ideal. A peaceful world is enough.

Hate. Greed. Power. I hate to say but humanity has already forgotten what makes a human, human.

Selfishness. Just how great is the ‘self’? Can’t we be considerate about the surroundings as well? By surroundings, I mean the ‘others’.

Can’t we be family? Can’t we just love?

That is why I am asking you, my dear reader, to go and watch the stars tonight. They might be able to tell you where to find love and how to love again. And tomorrow, you’ll know what to do.


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