A Love Letter


How are you? It has been tough for me living far from you. I know that you are now busy with your job, doing the most out of your youth. You probably met some people who are interesting enough to keep you company. I wish I was with you, though. I wish I was enough to make you stay. But I wasn’t. I wasn’t, right from the start.

Was it my fault for thinking that we could go beyond friends? I honestly didn’t want this to happen. But it was clear to me that you changed me. You made me understand some things that were out of my grasp before I met you. You made that darned four-letter word seem so mysterious and powerful, like it is some kind of revolution that made me at war with my own ideals, my own self. And I wasn’t victorious. I was completely swept away by my emotions, throwing all the logic that was left inside my rational mind. I was confused and still am. But amidst the confusion is the certainty that it was you, the only person whom I offered my love and affection.

Miles away from each other but not for long. It was foolish to ask for something you couldn’t give me. Now, I guess I’ve become wiser. I wish you happiness in its truest form that one could ever have in this world of ours.

I still. I always will

Love you,




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