Happy Anniversary!

I got this notification from WordPress saying that it has already been three years since I started blogging. WP has been my home since then. Of course, I do maintain other social media accounts but nothing beats WP. WP is where I could write my best without getting afraid of being bashed by netizens. It is not that I am afraid of criticism but most of the people in the more popular websites fail to appreciate the context of what has been posted, especially if the posts contradict their ideals. Here in WP, it occurred to me that fellow WP users are more open to new ideas about almost everything. And I am sure that before I get a “like”, my post has been read and understood. For me, getting my works read is far more important than getting hundreds of “likes” which could be easily obtained in some social networking websites (as you only need to have a thousand friends or followers to boost your chances of getting noticed).

I am glad that I chose WP to be the home of my written emotions. I am thankful for each and everyone who is a part of the WP community.
happyannivCounting stars and years ahead!



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