Without Reason

I find it amusing whenever the source of my problems talks to me about my problems and telling me what to do. Our conversation always ends up in a mess ā€“ me, doing my best not to cry but the left eye gets irritated by some miniature mighty beings thus forcing it to shed a tear and the concerned person, goes to sleep without giving an f.

I think it is pointless to keep on denying some truths about myself. Maybe some of my friends see me as someone who always sides with reason and logic since I am quite a thinker myself. But that is not the case. I am not blaming the innocent zodiac in the heavens for my overflowing emotions. Sometimes, I get carried away and we all know where decisions made from emotions lead to. Is chaos the most appropriate word?

However, let me emphasize that the only time that this overwhelming side of mine shows is when I talk to the problem source. Why is this so? I will never dare mention the word.


I speak of truth as if I know what it truly means. A million thanks to the dead Greeks who somehow gave me an idea of what it is. In fact, they did all the thinking for the questions I ask myself every night.


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