Waiting for Sunday

My dear,

Is it wrong to be hopeful?

I still believe that there will come a time when you will wake up to the music of my love. Be it me playing the piano even though I can barely play a piece or the guitar serenading you with my bothersome voice. But it can simply through my most sincere whispers as I say your name in my attempt to get you out from your sleep for a sunrise is about to be seen from the window of our country house. If you will not respond, I cannot blame you. You probably just had the most relaxing eight hours of your life sleeping next to the love of your life.

I am thinking of a Saturday – a day off from work. I am not really confident with my cooking skills which I learned the hard way out of necessity from living alone in a foreign country. I will still make you breakfast though. We both hate coffee so I guess tea will be fine since it is too early for our favorite drink. You know what that is. We will then spend the rest of the morning walking our beloved pugs in the park. Am I being too selfish in here? My addiction to pugs will never vanish, I think.

Lunch time! Because I am in charge of the Saturdays, we will be having a picnic, still in the park. I know a nice spot somewhere near the lake. I will make sure that you will not notice me secretly preparing our food while you are having your time in the shower. It is supposed to be a surprise and it will be. And you will just give me a frown because I am being romantic, again. You hate me doing that because you know that you will fall in love with me even more.

The sun will be jealous of us and that is why it will begin to radiate an enormous amount of light and heat towards us. We will just head back home where both of us feel the safest. But this time, we will have a slight detour. I want you to see the new larkspurs blooming down the old road.

I am glad that we both enjoy afternoon naps. Remember the times back then when we send messages to each other saying “slr jwu”? Now we will not have to say sorry anymore. Of course, by nap we mean 4 hours of sleep. Almost time for dinner.

You do dinners. But because you are extremely lazy today out of all the pampering, you will just phone some Italian and after an hour, dinner is ready. It does not matter to me if you are sometimes lazy doing the things that you should do. Nobody does the job better than you. I love you. Oh no. I said it. Let me say it again, okay. I will stop now.

We will probably end the day doing something fun. The stars are always visible from where we live. I purposely chose the place so that I can take you outside and show to you the planet which I named after you. Let us just say that I applied to an astronomical agency to have it officially registered. We can put a blanket outside and look at the stars and have a drink. Then we will fall asleep waiting for Sunday. Sunday has always been our favorite since the day we first dated.

Your most annoying companion in life,



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