This Feeling, Again

Hello. It has been about three months since I graduated college. I took my time thinking about the next best move, figuring out what I want in life. Get a job? Study? I did not know. There were a lot of factors that need (not) be considered. Family, money, dream, life goals, etc. Really thankful that my family is supportive. They gave me insights, helpful ones. Three months passed but today I finally found the answer. Taking things really slow until now.

I would like to work abroad. It is not that I am running away from my responsibility as a Filipino. I am simply thinking about the long term goal. It is clear to me that the current status of the country is dire. My country cannot give me a bright future (given the set of government officials who are and will be in office). But the vice versa is not the same. I can give my country a bright future.

I will work there and learn new things, utilizing each and every room for knowledge that I have left. I will work there and earn enough, making sure that every amount of whatever currency will be put into good use when I come back.

I will be gone but not for long. I will come back and make the difference that I have always wanted to make.


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