Bon Voyage

Traveling is my passion. Going to places, both old and new, is what I do. I have always believed that each place in the world is worth my time. Each has a story to tell and a scenic view to offer.

One of the reasons why I decided to study far from home is that I wanted to explore the world, place by place. Traveling around the world has been one of my life goals. But first, I have to travel around my own country. Coming from a place in Mindanao, I have decided to go up north.

However, challenges are always present down the road. First and foremost, I am still a student thus I have limited funds and time. I remember not having complete meals just to save enough money to go on an adventure to a place where I have never been to. But it never really mattered to me. The travel was so rewarding that even waking up at the day of the scheduled trip made me extremely happy.

I have always dreamed of a day when I could finally say that I conquered the world. Each journey would be definitely worth my while.


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