Even the Sun Breaks It Gently


yellow orange,

red orange,

Purple –

I stared at it for a long time. I was not thinking of anything else. I simply looked at it. It changed its color from time to time. It was its way of saying goodbye.

It has to go. It has to leave. It has to light up someone’s world while leaving mine in the dark.

But there is still light in the darkness. In fact, I could clearly see everything that I could not while it was still with me. I have the moon. It shines but not as bright as my sun. I have the stars. I have millions of them. They shine but seem so far away. Still, they shine for me. They shine to give me some light. Their presence somehow fills the void.

Purple –

It was saying its final words. It would soon be leaving. But I was not brave enough to say goodbye.

Before it changed its color for the last time, I turned my back.

“This would be a long night.”

Darkness –

Flickers of light.


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