What happened yesterday

was quite amusing.

It marked the start of a weekend that I may never forget. I had plans. I was meant to do my homework after I got a devastating score of three in our take home quiz. Damn. Out of ten. No one in class got a score higher than five, fortunately.

Still, that made me a bit sad. I could have done better if I had read all the assigned pages. With that on my mind, I attempted to read and read – only to find myself sleeping for an hour or so. I woke up. I was hungry. I checked my phone. Nothing.

That also made me sad. With nothing else better to do, I sorted files on my computer and found the folder full of our pictures. I clicked on a picture taken the previous year. It was a perfect image of happiness.

The next thing I knew was I heard the message alert tone of my phone and saw your face on the screen.

We thought of each other at the same time yesterday. I would like to think that way.

Tonight, I am writing this.

Tomorrow, I will have something to write again.

See you.


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