Write Ups

The Girl Who Cried Chorbs

She makes alarm clocks useless. She makes studying obsolete. She might even defy gravity if she wanted to. Hyae is her name. Hyae has her own way of doing things. She may not be the best in time management but she gets things done right on time. Her life aspects are all flourishing. She has good friends, good grades and good sleep. She may appear to be cold but when you get to know her well, the warmth of her heart will melt you away. She also has this strong personality which makes her a leader with charisma. Her friends refer to her as “The Big Boss”, partially joking about her stature. Really, she may appear small because of her height but she has a heart as big as the sun! No one, except her, has really seen what is inside her heart but I am sure that it is full of love – love for her family and friends. And to those of you who are wondering what the Chorbs in the title means, only Hyae knows.

-The Roommate

The Actress

She walks down the road like it is hers alone but it does not mean that she does not care about those in the sidewalks. She stops from time to time, greeting those she considers as friends, even letting them walk beside her. And to those unfamiliar faces, she radiates a smile. As she continues in her journey, she begins to earn her friends’ trust by being brutally honest, with the right balance of the brutal and the honest. She only tells what she knows as true because she believes that lies will do nothing good. Along the road that she is in, she frequently faces some humps, bumps and sometimes, deep pits. But those are not enough to stop her from her voyage. She always manages to find a way to deal with it and continue as planned. She gets strength from her loved ones and inspire them in return, by being surprisingly confident and strong. She does good in whatever situation she is in. She is an actress who only takes honest roles. The world is her stage.

– The Extra


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