Being inspired by the wrong kind of inspiration sucks. I know very well that what I am thinking about lately is not, by all means, right. It makes me hate myself a bit, only a bit because I cannot hate myself for not hating you. You are completely out of this world, okay, out of the world that I imagined to be perfectly normal. Simply put, there is no future for us.

But then why is it so different when I am with you? Is it your smile? Your eyes? Ah. I do not even know which part of you. Perhaps it is not because of your parts, but it is you, as a whole, as a person that I love so much. I am completely aware that this love of mine for you maybe just a spur of the moment, just like what they say. Maybe it will be gone soon, sooner than I think. But I do not understand why I always long for you when you are gone. I always hope that I can, at least, catch a glimpse of you, each time that is possible. And I have to thank fate for that because I get to see you very frequently lately. You call me. I respond. I am really glad that we are friends, very close friends.

Before we became like this, very close friends I mean, I was already admiring you somehow because you get to do the things that I cannot. Your presence, I can feel, even before this thing of mine for you started. But I never asked myself why before. So why did I have a change of heart? Maybe because we started to talk about the simplest things, even those really nonsense thoughts. I told you mine. You told me yours. By that I had a chance to take a look inside your mind and know how you think. I learned that you really say your thoughts out loud. And I am glad that I am one of those few who know who you really are. You are beautiful. You really are. I will even go as far as to saying that you are the epitome of beauty.

Beautiful. Bold. Beyond words.



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